All Saints Anglican Church



The Parish of All Saints began in the old St. Matthew's School Chapel on Humber Road.  The chapel in the present church still holds some of the furniture from St. Matthews.

All Saints, along with the Rectory, was built in 1961 by members of the congregation.  The Parish was a member of the Parish of Corner Brook until 1970 when it became an independent Parish known as the Parish of Corner Brook East.  In 1980, the church was renamed the Parish of All Saints'.  Currently, All Saints' congregation consists of over 400 families.

 Rev. Guy Fowlow
 1961 - 1970
 Rev. Gordon Pevie 1970 - 1973
 Bishop Leonard Whitten 1973 - 1978
 Rev. Tom Moulton 1978- 1984
 Canon David Pearce  1984 - 1994
 Rev. Martin Lane
 1994 - 1996
 Rev. Percy D. Coffin
 1996 - 2003
 Rev. Monica Coffin
 2003 - 2004
 Rev. Derek Thomas
 2004 - 2010
 Rev. Tanya R. White
 2010- Present